Formwork is the temporarily created mould into which concrete is poured for purpose of casting slabs, columns, beams, walls and other concrete elements of a structure. At SJCPL we have been continuously updating our knowledge and implementation of newer formwork technology. Over the years we have established strategic relationships with world renowned vendors. We have also developed an in-house team to design and fabricate specialised formwork and successfully implemented these on various projects.

Conventional Formwork

Conventional formwork comprises of standard frame panels tied together over their backs. The materials used in this is high quality plywood, timber and composite plastics. SJCPL has a current capacity of over 35000 sqm in conventional slab formwork.


Table-form is a formwork system that can be moved from one place to another without dismantling, thus reducing risk during assembly and dismantling. Its quick formwork erection, stripping and material relocation requires less labour. SJCPL has a current capacity of over 25000 sqm in Table formwork.


The Alu-Form system is a formwork technology that allows for the speedy, accurate and highly consistent casting of all internal and external walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs and other parts of a concrete structure. SJCPL has as of date executed 90000 sqm using this technology.


Jump form is a special kind of formwork used for vertical structures and rises with the building process. It is an effective solution fast paced projects. Current capacity of 1200 sqm in Jump-formwork.

Plant & Machinery

We are aware that quality of work depends greatly on the machinery and equipment used, and hence we have invested in contemporary and superior quality equipment to supplement our construction work force.